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Welcome to the Official Website of the Soil and Water Conservation Department

As one of the major development partners in the State, the Soil & Water Conservation Department is entrusted with the task of natural resources management in particular soil, water and vegetation resources. By adopting and applying appropriate soil the and water conservation techniques and measures, perpetual utilization of the said resources can be achieved. These three basic life support systems when managed effectively will ultimately lead to sustainability and promote need-base, economic and ecological development.


-To dissipate soil and water erosion caused by rainfall
-To improve-soil-health and tilth
-To enhance soil- moisture regime & water holding capacity in the soil profile
-To promote sub-surface/base-flow and ground water recharge.
-To harvest surface run-off/rain water for protective and productive purposes
-To promote per unit area productivity of land-base activity in a sustainable matter.
-To promote livelihood/gainful employment opportunities.

D. Langstieh,
Soil & Water Conservation Department, Meghalaya

Tender Notice: Construction of Multistoried Building for Staff of Soil & Water Department at Polo Hills New
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